Day 1

Alright, so the flight lasted 6 hours and 40 minutes roughly. Had a little trouble getting through tsa as my officer was very thorough when she filled out my short term visa, but everything went without a hitch. It was a 1/2 hour drive from Newcastle airport to Durham, but we got to know our contact Bill, who was actually a nice chap (he told a funny story about getting in the wrong car and adjusting the seat for some tall bloke, how he once thought he wanted to enter the criminal justice field, but got a 6 month job at a university instead when I he realized he didn’t like it). Once we arrived at Durham, we had breakfast, but after moving into our rooms (we each got our separate room with three bathrooms for each floor, and there is 5-10 rooms per floor-  the college is pretty cool, but the stairway can be a bit confusing at first) we had free time to explore Durham before dinner at 6pm. So, a few other students and I walked downtown Durham (it’s really nice and full of shops, but besides the pubs, they all close at 5), along the river Wear (it’s a nice river, but you can’t dive in because a few students got really sick a while back from the bacteria, what I heard from a professor), and within the Durham cathedral (it is a very large, and awe inspiring place, and a Harry potter scene was shot there). And we ate fish and chips along the river (just fried fish and fries). The rest of our group arrived at 3:40 and when they arrived we all took a stroll through the cathedral one last time and there was a child’s choir singing. At 6 pm we had dinner, mostly vegetables, roast beef and potatoes and a not so appetizing chocolate toffee cake. Then after dinner we were given a speech and told what was to happen the next few weeks –  and if we ever needed any help with our welfare. But after that we took one last walk downtown before I crashed on the bed for the night.


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