Day 10

Today was a good day, it was supposed to rain, but it didn’t (except it sprinkled at the end). And I Moved back to the original spot from which I started (the oven like area) And I had a really successful day: I Found two bags worth of iron (with every sweep of the trowel I unearthed an iron chunk, or nail, or some rusted object), A small bag of copper (there was also bits of copper everywhere), Plenty of slag, Some wood (I actually found it in a stakehole, which is pretty rare. Plus I found a bunch throughout my area), Two stake holes that were in line, and the skeleton of a small rodent (which is also rare since it’s hard to find the small bones when using a trowel). But all day Laura was complaining about finding tons of copper, which I joked with her about. Plus, around me people found two coins (a ladies first after 7 years of digging), a metal serpent, a piece of pottery with a man on it and a ring.


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