Day 11

Today was a great day! We started the day with a lecture on Roman Britain then we went to Escomb church, the oldest Anglo Saxon church in England. Then after our trip we went to the dig site for a shortened excavation day. The day was once again a success: I found a big bag of iron, lots of copper, more wood in a stake hole and outside of the stake hole, and plenty of slag. Then a guy came by and explained why the wood I found has lasted so long: The iron rich area is preserving the wood because the waste product from metalworking, specifically the chemical by products, seep into the soil and infiltrate the wood, which prevents microbes from breaking down the wood. So, even though it was a short dig, it was very successful and informational.

Then once I got back to the college and ate dinner, we as a group celebrated Elizabeth’s 21st birthday by going to the head of steam pub and having a few drinks (I had a half pint of some dark beer that was terrible…). The best part of the evening was debating whether universities in the US are a monopolistically competitive market with Scott, a student from the US that just arrived, and the current situation in Greece with the students from Greece. But after the short festivities, I went to bed.


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