Day 12

Today has been another great day at the dig: I have once again found lots of iron and copper and slag, but I also found a stone lid/base fragment that was really cool. And next to me Laura found small copper fragments that look to be nails and an iron knife. Ash, who was also working next to me  found some interesting things because she found a layer of copper surrounded by iron and wood, a copper brooch, a post hole, and the fired clay surrounding of the oven. Then after all of the finds, a camera crew came out to the site and took photos of our group digging (most of us faked working for a bit) And to interview a few of us (I was chosen for the interview and I was asked about why I chose the program, what I was getting out of if, and to essentially say great things about it, which I had no trouble doing). And after the interview I got the chance to show off some copper fragments I had just found.

Then once we got back from the dig and all showered up, our group, and several other summer institute groups went to eat a three course meal in the great hall in the Durham castle, which was absolutely awesome (both the food and the castle). The great thing about the dinner was each person was assigned to a table with people that hadn’t met before, so we all got a chance to meet some of the other participants (and I met some great students from Duke university). And after dinner we all went down to the bar in the castle and enjoyed some terrible English beers (well they were great beer brewed in Newcastle, but I distaste alcohol, so thank goodness Bill bought me the beer).


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