Day 13

Today started great! Despite the ominous clouds, it didn’t rain. And then early in the morning, I found a nearly complete crucible and a very large chunk of iron (nothing like starting the day with some awesome finds). The rest of the day brought similar results of a shell, glass, copper, more iron chunks, and some bones (I actually found a jawbone with teeth). But the real excitement happened in Laura’s area right next to me: it first started with a piece of led that was in a chunk of clay, and ended with some excitement right at the end of the day when Laura found the lid of a pot under a rock (it should be noted that I had actually discovered the rock and the cavity with the pot beneath it first, but I had no idea it was a pot – I thought the cavity was a stakehole). So, naturally, she made a big deal out of it thinking it was a complete pot, but the thing is, it was a complete pot with a handle. It was a thrilling ending to a great dig. But it was kinda bitter sweet since it was both our last day, and the last day of the dig as they are stopping digging to analyze the 7 years worth of data. Then once I got back from the dig, showered and ate dinner, most of my group and I met the archaeologists at a pub to celebrate the dig.


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