Day 14

Today started off fantastic simply because I woke up (at 6am) with the knowledge that I was going to London! We Left Durham at 7:34 and took a three hour train ride before Arriving at London kings cross at 10:30am (I napped most of the ride there). We then Met our tour guide (Mr. Tim Hudson, who also acts when he isn’t giving tours) at 11am, who got us oyster cards (cards used to get on the tube) and then brought us to Leicester square (the square where all of the main movies first appear) so we could purchase cheap tickets for an evening show (which I didn’t do, mainly because I thought I was going to Stratford, but I’m not so sure anymore). We then took a walk to Trafalgar square (where a famous battle took place, several great museums are, the Official center of London is, and where a Charles the 1st statue is), and continued walking past the Horse guards parade (a set of mounted guards who guard the entrance to the governing buildings- Buckingham palace mainly- but, the main guards were apparently on holiday, so female guards were on guard on horses instead), 10 downing street (which had a steel gate in front of it because it was put in place in 1989 by Margaret Thatcher, the iron lady), a few government buildings, and the London eye. Then we made our way to the accommodation by entering the tube by big Ben, Checked in and subsequently took forever to regroup (up to this point our group wasted 2 hours because it was hard coordinating 40 people). We then Walked past Tate modern (a current modern art museum that was an old industrial electric facility), Millennium bridge (also known as the wobbly bridge because 100,000 people walked across it in a short period of time because it became famous after it was used in a Harry potter film), globe theater (which was originally on the other side of the river, but it was taken apart, rebuilt, then burned down, then rebuilt way later by an American) before stopping to eat at Borough market for an hour (which was a huge marketplace absolutely full of people). We then back tracked and walked across the millennium bridge in order to see the exterior of st Paul’s cathedral, and entered the tube to go to Piccadilly circus (the first electric square in London), where we went to Tiger Tiger for dinner (an alright three course meal). After this, me and Ercan took a long walk past a few notable sites (namely Buckingham palace, through the park to the Peter pan statue, to Kensington palace, then back to the accommodation).


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