Day 15

Woke up at 6:30

Ate breakfast 7:00

Arrived at st Paul’s cathedral at 7:40 for the 8:00 service (an enormous cathedral that is fantastic on the inside)

Arrived back at the accommodation at 9:00

Left with group for Big Ben, parliament (house of commons and house of lords), Westminster Abbey (which had a statue of MLK), seen the Westminster hall, Elizabethan tower, houses of parliament, a statute of Sir Walter Raleigh and king Charles 1.

Walked past Churchill’s bunker (which had its cabinet war rooms under Whitehall – only 10 feet below the hall and concrete wasn’t added until later) and 15th of April, 1912, is apparently an interesting date (the sinking of the Titanic)

Went to the horse guards parade that didn’t take place

Walked to the changing of the guard

Left for the tower of London (and went through Green park, which had its name from King Charles II’s wife who had all of the flowers in the park ripped out when Charles II gave the prettiest girl in the land (another girl in the park, not his wife) a flower)

Ate lunch and bought souvenirs outside the tower (two t-shirts for 10 pounds!)

Entered tower and had an extensive tour by our tour guide (he knew a ton about the tower – too much to blog about) and saw the English crown jewels as well.

Walked back to accommodation for luggage

Left for train at 5:20 Arrived 6:10, saw platform 9 3/4

Left London 7:30


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