Day 18

Today was all and all a nice day because we actually went to Bede’s world instead of going to class, which was nice because it gave us an opportunity to explore a museum that was dedicated to a Northumbrian monk who wrote a lot of historical texts during the Golden Age of the Northumbrian Kingdom. So, most of the day was spent reading about the life of Bede during the Northumbrian kingdom and then exploring the near replica Anglo Saxon village that was created on the site (most of the buildings were created using the original building techniques, and they were what most of the buildings should have looked like –  we can’t be entirely sure since the only archaeological evidence we have was the post holes left behind from the buildings. Plus there were animals that were close breeds to those that might have been alive during the Anglo Saxon time period – including curly haired pigs). Then after Bede’s world we visited the Jarrow church/monastery where bede spent most of his life learning and writing historical texts (the original monastery was no longer there, and only the small part of the church was the original Anglo Saxon church).

The rest of the day went really good because I watched a few minutes of Harry potter the prison of Azkaban with my group before meeting the students from Duke for an open Mic night at the John duck (I didn’t end up singing, but instead got into a very exceptional conversation with David and Aubrey about race, education, prisons, and who we are as people and the kind of people we surround ourselves with – needless to say, the conversation went on for hours).


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