Day 22


Today was once again, a fantastic day (I just realized that I’ve begun almost every day with something akin to this, but then again, every day has been great!) It started with a nice breakfast (though the dining hall was abnormally quiet since a large portion of my group had already left for York, which also meant I had to take their packed lunches for them- so I walked out of the college with six packages of food..). And then I took a train to York for the day where I: went to the church service in York Minster (the cathedral is enormous; it can be seen from almost every part of the city); took a walk through the museum park; walked along part of the wall that surrounds York (where I ran into my group, since we had split up after the church service, and then subsequently walked the same wall again with them); walked back to the museum’s park with part of my group since the free art gallery was closed; went to the town centre to look at some shops; walked through the iconic shambles street, which was really cool, but slightly anticlimactic considering the street is famous for two buildings; then I took a long walk to the York cold war bunker (more on this later since it was, besides York Minster, the best part of my trip); saw a part of the free national rail museum, which was actually way better than I thought it would be (as I was of the mindset of “a train museum isn’t cool, nor interesting” when in fact, it was awesome, and I regret I only had 30 minutes to look through it); took a break with my group before they left on the 7:00 o’clock train; Then finished off my trip with a walk around York on the wall, and then back through the city centre first starting at Cliffard’s tower. Then I relaxed for a bit before my train arrived.







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