Day 23, 24, 25


Alright, so I have come back to earth the past three days. It all started Monday when I woke up with a terrible runny nose. So, the day was alright, especially since class was nice (we discussed what a cathedral is, and then broke down two primary sources that talked about the origin of Durham cathedral on the first day, talked about what a monastery is and then broke down a very lengthy dialogue about a horrible abbot named William (the second bad William) on the second day, then we talked about the architecture of cathedrals (specifically Romanesque vs gothic) and broke down two opposing primary sources about the (unnecessary) opulence of the cathedrals and had a thorough debate on the third day). What is most enjoyable about the class is our group actively discusses the texts, and we get to go super in depth on all of the primary sources, which allows us to gain a thorough understanding of the subject (plus we got a cool tour of the Durham cathedral and took a trip to fountains Abbey, which is pretty awesome). But, being in a sick fog, and walking around in cold (10° C or 50°F) rainy weather is tough.

But as for the fountains Abbey trip, well, it was awesome. It was a Durham cathedral sized monastery that became a ruin after the dissolution of the monasteries implemented by Henry the 8th. The entire grounds (including the river and lake) were absolutely amazing and it was really great taking a 2.5 hour walk throughout it all.




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