Day 26


Today was a pretty good day. Despite waking up with a runny nose, I didn’t feel as lethargic, which was awesome. Then during class we discussed who builds monasteries, who maintains them, and why people would invest in a monastery (and it all came down to rich people, that killed people – or did other bad things to accrue wealth – who needed people to pray for them to have their souls saved). Then after class I took an hour’s walk to Finchale Abbey, which was a really interesting ruin along a river. But the best part was taking the 1 hour walk there through the English countryside (which is full of wheat fields, cows, sheep, small farms, dog breeding kennels, and a maximum security prison – oh yeah, at one point we approached a 15 foot concrete wall that had security cameras and flood lights all throughout it because it contained some of the worst criminals in England). Especially the walk back when we (oh yeah, me and Anna did it, and I got to know her pretty well) were able to see the cathedral from a long ways off.
Then once we got back, we had a nice dinner (they served Apple pie!!), and afterwards we went and watched Hot Fuzz (a pretty humorous British comedy about a really good officer who gets shipped from London to a small town with a low crime rate where he solves a series of murders – or well planned” accidents”).



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