Day 27


Today was a great day (Despite waking up with this lingering cold). After breakfast I packed my belongings, which was fairly uneventful, except when I thought I was fine packing, but had a whole drawer left.. Then class was a really good lecture and discussion about How to become a saint class (which basically involves performing miracles, resisting temptation, writing Hagiography, dying a gruesome death, than developing a cult following) and the primary sources about a few saints. Then at lunch I went to the 9 altars cafe where I ate an awesome raspberry scone.  When we got back to class we wrapped up the week’s worth of material, gave some feedback, and went to look at original manuscripts in the university library, which was awesome because we were looking at nearly 1,000 year old writing. After class our group received our attendance certificate for the program (we will get our grades later) And had a nice reception with some strawberry scones.

And after all of this a few of us went rowing (which was a really nice experience, with some really humorous pictures) before going to a subpar bbq dinner. Then we had another open bar, where I told everyone how much I appreciated them, before most of us went to a pub where I got to know Bill and Charlie. Then it was time to get a little sleep before we all left early the next day. 





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