Day 3

Brilliant day today, thus far. The day started off good because I started in a new area, a furnace/metal working area. The day started good with some copper discoveries. But then we had to take an early tea break because a drone came in and took Aerial pictures of the site. Before the pictures we had to take down the safely fences, which took a bit. Then we took an early and long tea break as the drone took pictures. But after the break, we were tasked with putting the fence up, which was frustrating because I wanted to dig. But after that, I was able to get back to excavating my area. In my area was a oven/furnace, so I found lots of copper, a crucible (a pot like thing that was used for heating metal) some bones (there was a bone expert/graduate student named Cameron who was very pleasant to talk to and was enthusiastic about dead animal bones). But, halfway through excavating my site, Peter, the main boss of the project stopped in and gave me some pointers on how to excavate my area. So, considering I came across a circular rock formation with lots of coal, soot and clay, I was tasked with dividing my site in half in order to see if the circular/oven like pattern continued. But, midway through excavation, I talked to the main categorizer of the site and she told me that the women next to me, Laura (an American women I’ve gotten to know well) had found a jewelry pendant. And after a bit of talking, I was spurred to go to site 1 to see an oven someone was working on. But once I got to site 1, I took a look around, and ended up talking to Peter, who told me all about the site: such as the red rock may be an older foundation that preceded the barracks; about the barracks themselves, including the size of the barracks, how they were divided up for men and horses, and the drains that ran throughout the site. After that I went back to site 2, And I heard that a few of the guys with metal detectors had found coins. So I chatted with them for a bit and took pictures of the coins. So, all in all, it was a great day with lots of finds!!

Oh, and the weather is so fickle. Or went from cold and cloudy, to sunny and warm, to cold and rainy, to hot and and sunny all in one day.
Oh, and the drive through the countryside to the site is spectacular: lots of rolling hills, old towns with houses close together, hedges along each Pasture, winding roads.


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