Day 4

Today started out as a cold and rainy day with more rain expected all day. There wasn’t much new items found in my area (more iron and building material/cbm). But, site 1 was rained out, and a few of my group members and I received a tour from Jamie of the bathhouse on site 2. The first main room was originally a plunge pool with a wall and steps dividing it, but the wall was removed and the room was made into a dressing room with a bench. Also, when excavating the room, they discovered two alters in a corner and some painted walls in the corner. Then in the other room, there was a floor with multiple levels, the lowest being the hypocaust, which is used to heat the floors. In the last room, there is a very well preserved plunge bath with a drain, a really well preserved window, remnants of arches, and sleuths that would have moved the hot air.

After tea time, Bill arrived to give David a better raincoat, but our group decided to go home for the day because it was too cold and rainy. While waiting for the bus to arrive, I looked through the best preserved bathhouse that is enclosed. But getting rained out actually provided us the time to go shopping for more rain supplies/warmer gear. So, we went shopping for shoes for Mienrad, and I nearly bought some fast drying pants for 16.99 pounds.

Then, when we got back to the college, I took a walk on the opposite side of the river and I rediscovered the cathedral in an amazing view! It’s truly a wonderful place.
But after my walk, everybody took rowing lessons at the gym (on the machine, it’s much easier, but in the boat, well, it requires a whole lot more technique) But after some practice, I got pretty good at it. After that, we had dinner, and then went to the local pub (the Shakespeare) And I tried a cider, which wasn’t bad. Then, to end the night, we as a group coordinated our trip to Edinburgh on Sunday by purchasing a hostel for Saturday night and then two train tickets, all of 62 pounds.


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