Day 5

Oh, cars park on the road/mainly the curb because there is limited road and/or parking space.

Today was a great day on the dig site: first of all, it was sunny and 20 degrees, which is, in my opinion, rare here. Then, I had a great haul of items from my dig (and so did a lot of people around me). On a side note though, we saw a giant slug too. But to begin, I started in my usual spot by many little furnace and found the usual Glass, shells, copper, shells, cbm. Then, a new site manager that works with Jamie moved me over to work with Laura in her shop site (I had worked next to her the past few days and she had found a lot in her spot). And right off the bat I found a copper coin (another person worked on the same site when I took a break and found another coin when I was gone), then an Iron Knife that was really fragile, a fragment of Pottery with an animal, person, and style drawings on it, some good Nails, and right when I was wrapping up for the day (I was cleaning my area and dumping dirt into the bucket when I thought I had found a nail that was used to mark a post holes, but it turned out to be a Metal spoon that was in immaculate shape (potential best find of the day). So, all in all, it was a great day. But I wasn’t the the only one having a great day since Other people found a wooden Spoon, Antlers, A crucible (Laura broke hers trying get it out..), Preserved fecal matter, Shoe sole, Led falice, a piece of led, and big chunks of copper.

After dinner, I went to get a gym membership at the Durham sports complex (because it was free for students). Then I joined most of my group for a trip to a pub quiz, which was nice since it was essentially a trivia night at a pub (our group, except our Swiss partner Mienrad, didn’t do so good).


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