Day 6

So, it’s another amazing day at the dig. It’s really sunny and warm out (plenty of sunscreen needed since I got burned yesterday). I’m still working with Laura in her wooden house. And today I found a really good piece of glass, a bone pin, and two post holes. Me and Laura also uncovered what looks to be a coal and ash floor in one part of the house that ends where a set of post holes begins. But the one thing about the dig is there are a lot of breaks. Work starts at 9:15, tea time is at 11 to 11:30, lunch is at 1 to 1:30, and the end of the day is at 4. So I feel like I just get started working and we take a break….

Throughout the day I cleared out and then cleaned the wooden house. I didn’t have many finds (besides the bone pin, piece of glass, and a few pieces of nice pottery) But what I really enjoyed doing was cleaning the site: there’s nothing like meticulously scraping the ash floor, removing every speck of dirt so all that is left is a solid flat surface. So, after hours of cleaning, my site was ready for a picture that will be catalogued.

After lunch though, we were given a tour of each trench that summarized the week’s worth of work. In trench 1, the site manager talked about how they had digged down to the level of the early industrial phase where there looks to be lots of ash deposits and fired bricks of clay and sandstone. Also on this level are many drains that don’t connect on some places, while in others they look like they might connect after more work. Also, it appears as though the roads built in succession were slowly moved over time (one road, which was built on another,.was built a few meters over from the original road) I also had a chat with the site manager and discussed how he distinguished between burned (red clay) vs not burned clay (white or grey).
Then in site 2, Jamie talked about the house I was working at and the work being done on it; the deep levels of cobblestone yet to be uncovered; and a few other parts of the dig.


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