Day 7

The day today started off great! After breakfast we took a bus ride to the housesteads fort that is along Hadrian’s wall. We were given half an hour to look around the fort by ourselves or with parts of our group (the fort was enormous and thoroughly riveting). Then we began an 8 mile trek along Hadrian’s wall. The north English countryside along the wall is truly breathtaking – parts of the wall run along a cliff’s edge, so you can look out and see so much of the country (people were primarily interested in the sheep).  Along the way I met some people from Michigan.  Then we took a lunch break along the part of the wall where the movie robin hood was shot (the oak tree gap). At the end of the trek we arrived at the vindolanda fort (it was actually south of the wall) And were given a tour (I joined when they are discussing a the ditch along the road, a butcher’s shop, a tavern with loaded dice, a large building fit for the emperor, a skull found in a ditch that would have been mounted on a spear as a symbol, the barracks where a small child was found, which was of since people weren’t supposed to be buried within the fort, the main courtyard where records and the cash was stored (the cash vault was double walled and the records at the vindolanda tablets), the main house that was enormous, and then finally the museum that housed all of the finds from the dig).

Once I got back I ate dinner and then got ready to leave on the train for Edinburgh! It was a 2 hour train ride, so we arrived at Edinburgh at 10:00 pm. We took a walk from Waverly train station to our hostel, the Caledonian backpackers, which was just off of prince’s street. Along the walk we witnessed sir Walter Scott’s monument and the castle. Then, once we arrived in the hostel, we went right to sleep in our 12 bed hostel room. 


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