Day 9

Today started rough, not only was I exhausted, but it was raining today and I was given a task of drawing the building I had dug, cleaned and photographed (which was difficult considering the rain). This involved using large square markers with lines in them as references, then charting every single notable object (rocks, changes in soil, changes in depth of soil, post holes, notable finds, etc.) Within the markers. This took a while because the rain made it difficult to read the lined paper like material, and then subsequently draw on it. After I had the area drawn out, I then had to use a tool/equipment to measure the depth of the surface of the shop (which involved a site, a measuring stick, and a reference point).

Finally, I was given the opportunity to excavate my area and I revealed a mildly  disheartening small piece of pottery (I thought I was on to something big) some slack, a few pieces of bone, copper, and some nice pieces of pottery (one had what looked to be a man on it).


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